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Ontario Helping New Businesses Succeed

글쓴이 : KH CANADA 날짜 : 2017-05-30 (화) 11:26

Ontario is helping aspiring entrepreneurs succeed by launching a program that offers training, mentoring and grant opportunities to start, expand or buy a small business. 

Starter Company Plus provides Ontario"s entrepreneurs aged 18 and older with comprehensive and targeted services to help them start and run their own business.

The program will help more entrepreneurs launch new businesses or grow existing businesses by providing:

One-on-one guidance from a Small Business Enterprise Centre advisor
Access to business workshops and networking events on topics from creating a business plan and budgeting to executing a marketing campaign
Training and business skills development
A grant up to $5,000 to kick off a new business or expand an existing business 
Helping new businesses succeed is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.




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